Tabral for Timesheets

Save time and reduce errors with timesheets that capture all the time your people spend on tasks and client projects.

Tabral for Timesheets


What's special about Tabral timesheets

Scalable to suit your business

Create simple or complex timesheets that include on-device calculations, reducing the need for admin staff to double check.

No delays

Timesheet data flows seamlessly into your systems without the need for separate inputting.

Less admin

Sign-offs can be completed in the field, reducing the need for admin oversight.

Flexible pricing

Per-usage pricing makes it cost-effective for larger teams. Instead of paying per User, you only pay for the data used.

Previously, some timesheets could take up to 10 days before being entered into the system for processing payroll. Time lag and duplication in transferring information from paper to electronic format were issues, along with the possibility of data entry errors. By capturing time sheet data on-site using Tabral, Schick re-engineered a critical part of its operations to remove inefficiency and provide real-time capabilities.

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