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Benefits of a mobile platform in your business

Mobile data capture is important because it allows your staff to spend more time doing their job and less time on admin. It ultimately helps the organisation be better organised, efficient & effective and stay on top of things, which you'll especially appreciate if you have lots of staff out in the field.

Tabral is a mobile data capture platform for the secure transfer of data between mobile workers and the office resulting in improved business processes.

Whether in health, agribusiness, government, construction/engineering, sales and service, transport or many other industries, a major challenge is simply keeping track of all the paper generated and knowing who’s doing what. It requires a significant amount of time, money and human resources - and things seem to go wrong more often than not.

Many business owners, operational managers and team leads know “the field” can be messy. Truckers have to keep a logbook, for example. But it can be difficult to keep everything organised - and that’s before someone needs to type up all the info from the logbook.

Gaining control is achievable by understanding the situation and conquering paperwork. A mobile platform is a powerful ally that can fight for you and remain unfazed by struggles. It’s your knight in shining armour.

Learn more about Tabral - Mobile Data Capture & Transfer for business process improvement for businesses of any size, small business, medium or large enterprise or government organisations.

Why is a mobile platform an important tool for your business?

Mobile platforms allow for efficient data collection and analysis on-the-go for businesses of all sizes. They can be used for a variety of purposes such as conducting surveys, capturing leads, collecting job information, and conducting field inspections or audits. It’s an essential technology for organisations to capture and send data from its mobile workers to office systems. Good mobile platforms will help you achieve your business goals by being more efficient and effective than an existing process you might have.

Some benefits of using a mobile platform for business include:

  • Increased productivity and efficiency: Mobile platforms allow employees to collect data and complete tasks quickly and easily, without the need for paper-based forms or manual data entry
  • Real-time data collection: Data can be collected and transmitted in real-time, providing businesses with immediate insights and reducing the time it takes to make decisions
  • Improved accuracy: Mobile platforms can include built-in validation rules and data logic, which can help reduce errors and improve the accuracy of collected data
  • Increased engagement: Mobile apps can be used to conduct surveys, collect feedback, and provide valuable data insights to the business.

A mobile platform will support your operational processes and strategic planning and allow for business process management while still leaving you in control of decision-making. It should be simple for you and others in your organisation to use - and make your job easier.

Mobile data capture is important because it allows your staff to spend more time doing their job and less time on admin. It ultimately helps the organisation be better organised, efficient & effective and stay on top of things, which you’ll especially appreciate if you have lots of staff out in the field.

In other words, it gives you more order and freedom to focus on your core business.

What are the components of business operating systems?

Several parts make up a business operating system - not all these parts are created equal. Here are the two main components.

Technology to make business processes efficient

  • The most obvious is technology. A mobile platform can take things that might’ve been written on paper and store them in huge binders and put them in a digital format.
  • Once information is in a digital format, a Mobile Platform should then be able to do data capture and transform into something you and others in your organisation can easily understand and use, even without knowing much about IT.
  • An example would be info entered via a mobile app - like truckers filling out their logbooks or people at a scaffolding job site sending the required pictures for health and safety reporting - that can instantly be accessed by others across your organisation.

Integration of Operations system with business processes

Integration is another thing a mobile platform needs to have.

Put another way, it needs to be able to work seamlessly with whatever other systems you might already be using and with whatever systems you decide to use in the future.

A mobile platform will also improve the organisation’s processes, systems, roles, skills, and structure. It will do this by helping your organisation become leaner - improving your performance by removing errors and reducing variation.

A mobile platform that works for you

Getting business operating systems correct from the outset is essential for success and cost savings, allowing you to focus on your core business. There are a few choices, but Tabral has the advantage of being developed for busy organisations of all sizes with many people in the field.

Tabral - Examples of NZ Businesses winning with mobile technology

Here are a few examples of how effective Tabral can be for a wide range of businesses and government organisations.

NZ Construction Giant levels up their payroll processing from 10 days to 2 minutes with Tabral!

With sites across New Zealand, Schick Civil Construction has lots of people and equipment in different places at all hours every day. Thus, keeping track of everything via paper time sheets and filling in forms was a cumbersome, time-consuming process affecting the company’s bottom line.

Tabral helped in efficiently improving business processes by replacing paper time sheets with an electronic form that could be filled out on employees’ phones and tablets to save time and increase efficiency.

Previously, some time sheets took up to 10 days before being entered into the system for payroll processing; by filling the timesheets electronically, the process now takes just 1-2 minutes.

How Tabral helps keep SGS Staff safer in real-time

Another case study comes from SGS. SGS is one of the world’s largest inspection, testing and certification companies, working in fields as diverse as agriculture and manufacturing.

Field data is one of the most critical parts of their business. In New Zealand alone, 600+ staff make hundreds of daily field visits from 25 locations spread throughout the country.

SGS previously used paper forms for its inspections to ensure correct processes were followed. The forms had to be collected, then individually scanned, and entered into computer systems by back office staff - a process that was extremely time-consuming and expensive. But then, the company began using the Tabral platform to create mobile apps.

Some of the key business process improvements enabled by the Tabral platform are:

  • Inspections can now be done on the spot with the apps, and within minutes, the data is sent to Tabral servers, which are then converted into Word documents and passed on to SGS customers
  • Not only is this new process quicker, but means fewer possibilities for transcription or other human errors since the system is more automated
  • That’s not all. The company has also used Tabral to create an incident reporting tool to keep staff safer in real-time
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